institutional tie up

Did you know: As much as 90% of office waste can be recycled. Yes, that’s true! If you are ready to do your bit in making the planet greener and cleaner, then we are here with our Waste Management and Recycling Services to help your enterprise meet its sustainability goals.

Whether you are an Office, Residential Complex, Theatre, School or University, Residential Welfare Associate or Club, your small step can be the starting point of creating a healthy & sustainable environment.

Pom Pom provides comprehensive Waste Collection & Recycling services for institutions of all sizes. We collect paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal and other materials that are scrap for you. Tie-up with Pom Pom, to recycle all your waste and make sure that nothing recyclable from your premises reaches a landfill.

We offer daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly pick up depending on how much waste you generate. Begin RECYCLING today!

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